Message from the Chairman

Dear Members of the Turkish Maritime Sector;

Turkish Shipowners’ Association Board Meeting was conducted after the sudden death of Dear Şadan Kalkavan. 
In this meeting, I have been elected as the Chairman of the Board to the Turkish Shipowners’ Association by acclamation. 

Prestigious responsibilities and tasks given to us, we will trace our precious Chairmans Ziya Kalkavan and Hacı Ismail Kaptanoglu. Likewise, in Şadan Kalkavan’ s presidency period, we will pursue all of the restructuring studies in order to enhance Turkish Shipowners’ Association and whole Maritime Sector and also today, I announce to public on behalf of myself and in the name of the board that we will continue to embrace all of the values and  work resolutely and keenly.

Yours Sincerely

Ahmet Bedri İNCE
Chairman of the Board