Education, Legal, Tax and Personnel Committee

Seafarers and company personnel are key employees of our industry. This issue has been understood and seen much better during the pandemic period. Working at sea has its own challenges, as every profession has its own challenges. It is very important to increase the endurance power of employees, especially seafarers, against these difficulties and to alleviate them on their behalf.

In addition, it is a priority to transform the training into lifelong training in maritime transport and to provide refresher training in order to prevent accidents and / or ship accidents on the ship, to prevent work accidents by increasing the safety on the ship, to increase the operational efficiency of the ships.

Law and tax, on the other hand, are indispensable parts of maritime transport with all the above.

This committee works on or carries out the following activities.

1. Developing and encouraging the implementation of measures to alleviate these difficulties by analyzing or conducting research on the difficulties faced by seafarers,

2. Consulting with relevant institutions and organizations, especially on certification and documents for seafarers,

3. To encourage the development of measures and measures regarding the internships of students in our universities,

4. To find solutions to the difficulties faced by our shipowners in terms of ship personnel and to carry out negotiations with the relevant public and international organizations,

5. Maintaining relations with relevant international and national unions and working on necessary regulations

6. To carry out studies for the determination of manpower and task analysis and task processes for the future and to make suggestions to the sector in this regard,

7. To lead the formations that will enable seafarers and company employees to renew their professional knowledge in line with the lifelong learning approach, to maintain their individual development, to organize and plan continuous trainings in order to catch up with the requirements of the age in our rapidly changing world

8. To have legal and tax studies done and to share with the sector in case of need.