Honorary Chairman of the Board

Ships are like a part of my family, one day it becomes Ince Anatolia, one day it becomes Ince Ankara, names change, ships change, but my sailor spirit is indispensable for me.

If you want to be happy, you must first love people, love life, love your family, be worthy of people's love

If you want to be successful, first you will do what you love, you will love your employees, but you will not bond with the wealth you have.
If you want to be healthy, first you will be happy, you will take care of yourself, you will not take life too seriously, you will not get lost in the struggle for life,

It's good to dream, everything starts with a dream, it's not good to get lost in anything, but you will get lost in your dreams, of course one of them will come true one day.

While you are in your working life, you will work in a balanced way, everything in this life does not come with hard work, you will not neglect your family, loved ones and those around you, be sure then life will give you the best of everything, not more than everything

You will be grateful for what you have in this world, but you will never say enough, you will always strive to go further and further, you will strive not only for work, but for people and humanity,

To be honest, to be moral, to be virtuous are important traits, you will not get away from such traits

I built my life on these principles.

I come from a family of sailors from our ancestors, my life was spent with the seas and ships. Almost ships are like a part of my family, one day it will be Ince Anatolia, one day it will be Ince Ankara, names change, ships change, but my sailor spirit is indispensable for me.

However, nothing is indispensable in this life except some things. Sometimes there comes a time when you have to pave the way for young people, you have to give them an opportunity.

I am very valuable in our 42nd Ordinary General Assembly, which we held on 26 August 2021, the Presidency of this distinguished institution, which has served maritime transport for years, has made a significant contribution to the development of our industry, I am proud to serve and I have been the chairman of the board of directors for 6 years. I handed it over to my friend Mr. Cihan Ergenç.

Turkish Shipowners' Association will continue to be the cornerstone of the Turkish Maritime transport industry today and in the future, as it has been in the past, and will carry it even further. I have full faith in this.

May your bow be clear, your seas calm, your winds easy.

Ahmet Bedri İnce
Honorary President