General Secretary

Hüseyin Çınar
Secretary General of Turkish Shipowners' Association

Hüseyin ÇINAR, who graduated from the Naval Academy in 1989, served as a Branch Officer, Section Chief, Second Commander and TCG Yavuz Commander on destroyer and frigate type ships in the Naval Forces. Between 2002-2004, he received Staff Officer Training at the Naval War College and then supplementary training at the Armed Forces Academy. In 2006-2007, he received his master's degree in management and organization at Beykent University. He retired after serving as the Regiment Commander of the Naval Academy between 2009-2011. As of July 1, 2015, he has been working as the General Secretary of the Turkish Shipowners' Association.
Nurbanu CAMCI
Assistant Secretary General

Nurbanu CAMCI was born in 1991 in Istanbul/Beykoz. She graduated from Yeditepe University Faculty of Education "English Language Teaching" in 2014. In 2015, she continued her graduate education in Educational Administration and Supervision from the Institute of Educational Sciences. In this process, she continued her career as an English teacher for 8 years. As of 01.07.2022, she continues as an Executive Assistant.