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19 Nisan 2024

The first meeting of the Young Shipowners Group established by the Turkish Shipowners Association took place in 2024.

During the meeting, many topics were discussed, and Mr. Eray Ergenç and Mr. Marlon Kerim Weinstabl were elected as co-chairs. The meeting started with a […]
21 Mart 2024

Life Cycle Assessment Lecture

A hybrid event by IMarEST’s Southern Joint Branch. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) considers the overall environmental impact of processes, activities and operations. For ships, this […]
22 Şubat 2024

The Turkish Shipowners Association visited the Aytemiz MAKELSAN Production Facilities on February 21, 2024.

The Turkish Shipowners Association conducted this visit in the context of the regulations imposed on ships by the “EU Fit for 55” package. The delegation […]
29 Ocak 2024

LR WEBINAR-Fit for 55: Managing Compliance and Optimising Operations under the EU’s New Regime

Insightful webinar that delves into the intricacies of the EU’s new regime for shipping. This webinar is a gateway to understanding the latest regulations and […]
4 Ocak 2024

Webinar invitation: Optimising compliance under the EU’s new emissions regime.

It is a webinar on optimising compliance under the new European Union (EU) emissions regime for shipping. The EU has set ambitious targets to reduce […]
20 Aralık 2023

Doğanbey Maritime Industry and Trade Limited Company has joined us as a new member.

The Turkish Shipowners Association encourages new memberships to enhance its inclusivity in the sector and appeal to a broader audience with additional company affiliations. In […]
11 Aralık 2023

NTSB Investigation

Engine room fire aboard tank vessel Endo Breeze. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has released an investigation report, about a fire started in the […]
9 Kasım 2023

Class News 22/2023: Designation of the north-western Mediterranean Sea as a particularly sensitive sea area.

Applicability: shipowners, ship operators, ship managers and ship masters. To protect cetaceans from international shipping, a particularly sensitive sea area in the North-West Mediterranean Sea […]
13 Ekim 2023

Rotterdam, Antwerp-Bruges Put Mass Flow Meter For Bunker Transparency

Liman otoriteleri Antwerp, Zeebrugge ve Rotterdam bunker pazarını daha şeffaf, verimli ve güvenilir hale getirmeyi amaçlıyor. Port authorities have moved to make mass flow meter […]
10 Ekim 2023

Israel-Hamas War: Impact On Ports And Crude Oil, What Experts Say

Palestinian militant group Hamas launched an unprecedented attack on Israel, killing residents and taking hostages. Israel has declared war against Hamas and has launched retaliatory […]
18 Eylül 2023

The Young Shipowners Group started with the launch held in Karaköy.

The Young Shipowners Group Launch took place at the Gallada restaurant at The Peninsula Istanbul Hotel on September 14. Mr. Cihan Ergenc, Chairman of the […]
14 Eylül 2023

Green Shipping Corridors

Green shipping corridors will not become a reality unless governments and the industry come together to absorb the risk and maximise the benefits associated with […]
7 Eylül 2023

What the BRICS Expansion Means to Shipping

The major news last week was the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) Summit in Johannesburg. In a world where global governance structures […]
4 Eylül 2023

The Turkish Shipowners’ Association has Published the 2022 Global PSC Report.

This important report analyzing the port state controls (PSC) of Turkish-owned ships is the second sector report published by the Turkish Shipowners’ Association in 2023. […]
24 Ağustos 2023

As China’s fleet over-takes Greece for the first time, it will be a new lever as global trade tensions rise.

China’s world-leading fleet will serve Beijing and not the world. The following article, recently published by Tradewinds, is a good case study for countries to […]
22 Ağustos 2023

The Role of Energy Efficiency Regulations

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has implemented three regulatory measures to drive the short-term reduction of CO2 emissions by improving the energy efficiency of the […]
18 Ağustos 2023

Congestion and transit delays worsen for drought-hit Panama Canal

Warnings delays will last until 2024 after canal authority caps transits. Congestion is worsening at the Panama Canal as the isthmus battles record drought and […]
18 Ağustos 2023

Strong Chinese Demand Drives 7% Y/Y Increase In Minor Ore Exports

Driven by continued growth in minor ore demand in China, global seaborne minor ore exports rose. Driven by continued growth in minor ore demand in […]
8 Ağustos 2023

The Latest Status of Russian Crude Oil Exports

BIMCO Shipping Analyst Niels Rasmussen ‘s  Assessments of Russiian Crude Oil Exports for July. ‘’Russian seaborne crude oil export volumes have remained strong and grew […]
21 Temmuz 2023

ABS WEBINAR/What does EU ETS mean for the maritime industry?

Starting in 2025, shipping companies will have to submit EU emissions allowances based on EU monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) data to administering authorities. This […]
18 Temmuz 2023

“2022 Global Maritime Security Assessment”, report published by the Turkish Shipowners’ Association.

The comprehensive report has addressed all issues related to maritime security affecting Seatrade in 2022. Many issues in maritime security that affect seatrade globally now […]