Environment, Safety, Operations and Chartering Committee

Preventing sea and air pollution that may arise from ships and making improvements for this is one of our most important issues for a living world and a world we will leave to our future generations.

In addition to these, the safety of our ships in international waters is important in the waters where piracy continues and in terrorist acts reflected in the sea.

Apart from this, it is important that the problems in the field come to the committee, since this committee also fulfills the function of the operations and chartering committee.

This committee works on or carries out the following activities.

1. Contributing to the adaptation to the environmental regulations of IMO and EU,

2. To raise awareness in the sector on this subject,

3. To ensure the realization of action plans by preparing a roadmap to contribute to the sustainable development goals of the United Nations,

4. To support research on the marine environment,

5. To share the research and analysis on maritime safety with the industry and to keep the awareness level on this issue alive,

6. Establishing a commission with the operations and chartering managers in the sector, to address the problems encountered in the field and produce solutions,
improve, to hold benchmark meetings,

7. To guide the sector with the reports it will prepare or have it prepared and to contribute to the sector in this sense