Member Relations, Social Responsibility and Promotion Committee

Committee Members

Murat Er
Dr.İlknur Tanrıverdi
Rasim Akar
Mehmet İnce
Kemal Akbaşoğlu
Faruk Emre Yıldıran
Binay Çavuşoğlu
Halil Atabey
They are the most important building block members of the Turkish Shipowners' Association. Therefore, special attention is given to the issue of member relations. From another perspective, the most important task of this committee is to prepare the young generations of our members for the future in the best way possible and to carry out studies to deliver the sector to future generations in the best possible way.

On the other hand, as one of the important non-governmental organizations of our country, we care about social responsibility activities and projects in order to both develop Turkish Maritime and create social benefit in line with the social needs of our country.

Promotion comes to the fore as one of the subjects that we need the most. In particular, the Turkish Maritime transport sector and in this context, the promotion of our ship owners both at home and abroad will renew and reinforce the positive perception of our sector against open competition.

This committee works on or carries out the following activities.

1. To enable the members to participate in the activities of the association and to enable the transfer of knowledge and experience to the sector,
2. To organize activities aimed at strengthening member relations,
3. To expand the inclusiveness of the Turkish Shipowners Association by increasing the number of members,
4. Visiting all members and communicating with members one-on-one,
5. To evaluate the expectations and complaints of the members and to work to reflect this to the sector and the association structure,
6. Organize the TAB FORUM every year under its coordination, to examine the problems of the members according to their business areas, to ensure that these problems are conveyed to the relevant committees, and to ensure that the top managers of different departments of the companies come together and interact with each other with this forum,
7. To measure and continuously improve member satisfaction,
8. To create and implement the necessary measures in order to be accessible to our members,
9. To work to prepare future generations for the sector,
10. Committee, commission, etc. in line with member needs. suggest its occurrences,
11. Realizing social responsibility projects,
12. To work for the recognition and promotion of the sector and members and to coordinate with other committees
13. To work with public relations experts for promotion, to determine the promotional action plans of the Turkish Maritime Transport industry