R&D, Innovation and Technical Committee

It is a committee focused on technological transformation and technological development. It is a scientific-based committee that aims at the technological development of Turkish maritime transport according to the conditions of the day and the designs of the future.

Apart from this, it is important that the problems in the field come to the committee, since this committee also fulfills the function of the technical committee.

This committee works on or carries out the following activities.

1. To develop projects in the field of technology according to the needs of maritime transport from the field and the innovations in the scientific arena and to reflect these projects to the sector,

2. Digitizing our maritime transport on the side of businesses and ships through the Industry 4.0 model and technologies,

3. Making researches in these areas, preparing reports and presenting them to the sector and increasing the awareness level of the sector,

4. Contributing to the transfer of the financial power of EU projects to our sector through project studies,

5. Coordinating for joint procurement committees,

6. Establishing a technical commission with the technical managers in the sector, to deal with the technical problems encountered in the field and to produce solutions, to improve them, to hold benchmark meetings,
7. To guide the sector with the reports it will prepare or have it prepared and to contribute to the sector in this sense