MARE Forum Webinar: Synergy Needed

MARE Forum Webinar: Synergy Needed

Mare Forum 30 Eylül 2020 tarihinde  “Synergy needed between shipowners and regulators – The shipowners, regulators relationship under siege” başlıklı online bir panel düzenliyor.

Söz konusu panel 30 Eylül 2020 tarihinde aşağıdaki panelist ve konular üzerinden gerçekleştirilecek, panel saat 1600 (CET), 17.00 (TSİ)’da başlayacak ve 90 dakika sürecektir.

On the occasion of the postponed 4th Mare Forum Mykonos conference, Mare Forum will host an online panel discussion on “Synergy needed between shipowners and regulators – The shipowners, regulators relationship under siege”.

Our panel of experts will guide you through a web of questions/topics:


  • George Gourdomichalis, 
    President & Managing Director, Phoenix Shipping & Trading S.A.


  • Arthur J. Walton, CEO, Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands & Cayman Registry
  • Ana Margarita Reyes, Deputy Administrator, Panama Maritime Authority
  • Theofilos Xenakoudis, Director Worldwide Business Operations, IRI/ Marshall Islands Registry
  • George Pateras, President, Hellenic Chamber of Shipping and Deputy Chairman, Contships Management Inc
  • Coco Vroon, Owner, Vroon Group
  • Spyridon Tarasis, General Manager, Olympic Vision Maritime Co Inc


  • Restoring trust needed: the troubled relations between Shipowners and Regulators
  • Covid-19, finding the synergies needed
  • Globalization vs. regionalism; Game change and effects on trade and shipping
  • Protectionist regulations ahead; what do we do?
  • Environmental Regulations, finding the synergies and balancing compliance and commercial sense
  • How can the shipping industry address inbalances in regulations?
  • Who has the power to affect the market, shipowners or regulators?
  • Do subsidies and incentives assist shipowners?

Attending this event comes at the costs of two cups of coffee: 10 USD.